Monday, June 14, 2010

Will I be flying with Rhonda, Barbara, or Wendy today?

So when I get assigned to fly, 9 times out of 10, I've never met anyone I'm working with before.  It's a crapshoot.  Chance, fate, karma? I never know what freak(s) I may have to fly a 1 to 4-day trip with in a tin can with nowhere to hide.  The crew's dynamic is probably the most critical determinant of the trip's fun factor.  So the first thing I do to gain an idea of what I'm in for is to look up the names of my co-workers.  What I've found is that if the names of my crew members are something along the lines of Rhonda, Barbara, Wendy, Jean, and/or Edna, the trip is gonna suck.  It just is. My theory of 'old lady name judgement' is not 100% accurate...I mean, on layover I've definitely knocked a few back with Fannie and knickerknocked hotel rooms that one crazy night with Deb, but it is almost always true if the old lady name corresponds to a low seniority number...a senior mama I like to call 'em.  If this is the case, I don't take chances. I fake food poisioning, Swine Flu, or Mad Cow Disease (whichever I haven't abused too heavily in the last month) and hope that I fly with Apple, Harlow, and Rumor next trip.


  1. ...or "Chris", "Toni" and "Eric" ;)

  2. I dropped a can on Pepsi (back in the day we served Pepsi products) on my foot and faked it once. "Shit, I think I broke my toe". Needless to say I got off the trip and ran home with the quickness. Sucks to be on reserve.

  3. Oh man...that really sucks. It makes me fully appreciate working for a small airline. I know almost every member of the crew, pilots AND flight attendants. I know exactly when to switch pairings!
    Good luck getting a cool crew on your next trip!