Friday, November 1, 2013

Change My Baby

Guys. Unfortunate true story comin' atcha.

So this mother-of-the year dings her call light and asks this poor, unsuspecting flight attendant to...


Yes. I know. Your mouth dropped wide open right about now.  This lady for realz held up her poopy alien spawn and thrust him into the arms of a co-worker of mine before he could appropriately respond.

What did he do about it?

He took the baby and walked towards the back of the plane until he found another baby.  He politely asked the new baby's parents if they would "trade babies" for a moment and explained what for.

So he took the new baby back up to the lady and handed this cuter baby girl over.  Obviously confused, the lady is speechless. And the flight attendant simply said, "I'm not a manny. You told me to change your baby so I did*."

(*all babies were eventually returned to their prospective owners).