Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How did you get this trip?

They just can't stand it can they?

Senior flight attendants who hold the holy grail of trips just go bananas when they show up to fly their high-time (worth lots-o-money) trips and a junior person has "weaseled" their way on to their trip. Well, that's often how they make us feel when we've barely stepped onto the plane and have 3 haggard faces perk up in surprise that a junior flight attendant may be in charge of the boat today.

Whaaaat?? This can't be. So and so was supposed to be on this trip. HOW DID YOU GET THIS TRIP?

Oh hello. Nice to meet you too guys. Thanks for the warm welcome.

I can't tell you how many times I get blasted by this airplane bomb. In this industry of infinite change, it's not that weird for a fresher face to be working a nice trip now and then. Please, let us have it without grief. Let me feed myself something other than top ramen this month and just shut up and let me work something worth something for once.  It's not my fault Donna called in sick at the last minute. I swear I didn't steal this extended beachy layover from her swiftly in the night. I didn't bribe Ron with money or sexual favors in trade to stay at a hotel not located in the midwest. It's not your business how or why I'm part of your crew but you're part of mine too.

I promise you, we can pour cokes just as fast and know how to be a cell phone Nazi just a stern. Sometimes when I get this question and I clearly got lucky picking it up last minute, I lie and say it was on my line (assigned to me by the company) and just watch the confusion in their faces build and I can tell they are going to call crew scheduling first chance they get to bitch about the mistake they must've made. Get over it. Let's work, make money, see some cool shit, and pretend to not know each other when I see you in the crew room next month.